Capt W T L Allcock's
      RFC Diary



Captain Allcock's diary continued:

May 3rd

Engine test with Sgt. Gae on 4195 BE2c. 1/2 hr

May 4th

Escort to 2nd. Army Reconnaissance.  Started from Abeele.  Saw what I took to be the Reconnaissance machines crossing the lines at Ypres, but owing to insufficient height I did not follow at once.  Got my height this side, crossed to cut them off at Rouliers, but missing them.  Ran into two Huns who attacked me from the front.  The R hand one I dived at and he passed over me at 100 ft, he riddled my planes, on turning round I found he had disappeared.  The next I attacked but he sheared off.  I followed putting in a drum at long range and he also went down.  A/A guns became exceedingly active.  For 15 miles the sky looked like the Milky Way. 1 1/2 hrs

May 5th

B.Scout 5302.  HA Patrol 1 hr

May 10th

B.Scout 5302.  Gun test.  New trigger release fitted to Lewis Gun. 1/2 hr

May 11th

BE2C 4195.  Machine test.  Sgt. Prance.  Shot through main spar. New LH top plane fitted. 1/2 hr

May 11th

BE2C 4195 with Lt. Tyrell.  Gun flash patrol.  Capt.  Tillie shot down and killed the same afternoon.  Machine landed 200 yds "behind, first line trenches.  Went out with NCO and 5 men to salvage engine and fittings.  Machine guns active, got engine into safety OK. 1 1/2 hrs

May 16th

BE2C 4195.  Photography,7 plates exposed over German 2nd line defences.

 1 1/2 hrs

May 17th

HA Patrol on Bristol Scout.  Rendezvous at Armentieres at 10,000 ft with No 7 Squadron.  Waited for other machines to cross the lines. At 6.20 am 6 BE2Cs crossed over Bois de Biez.  I escorted them to Don, returned and patrolled the line Ypres to Ne-uve Chapelle.  Clouds became exceedingly thick, so returned to aerodrome. 1hr

May 17th

Weather Test on B. Scout. 15 mins

May 17th

Bomb dropping expedition on BE2C 4195.  Passenger Capt. Waller. 1 hr

May 18th

HA Patrol on B. Scout. 1 hr

May 18th

Night flying practice on BE2C 4195. Very easy on a moonlight night. Roads and canals easily distinguished. 1/2 hr

May 19th

Photography.  13 plates taken. 1 1/4 hrs

May 19th

Bight bombing German Station or railway heads.  Successful.  Very exciting. We flew very low at 1000 ft, dropped our "bombs all down the line.  They fired a few shots at us but they were wide and much higher. We saw just a flash from the gun and then a red burst of fire in front of us.  All returned safely. 1 1/2 hrs

May 20th

Weather test on B. Scout. 15 mins

May 21st     

Hostile Aircraft Patrol on Bristol Scout.   One German machine seen off Ypres Salient.  I attacked, him his side the lines for he was very low down just patrolling the line.  Putting a drum into him he went off home.  Fired two drums into the German trenches in front of Laventie. The Huns returned, the fire at me.  Then our fellows fired on the Hun machine gun emplacements. The Germans replied with Whis-bangs (18 Ibs) on our trenches.  Our gunners replied, with heavier stuff, until there was a little inferno going on, all because one little aeroplane fired into the trenches. This gave me opportunity to locate German guns from their flashes. 1 hr


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